One more year we renewed our agreement with R.C. Celta de Vigo Foundation. This agreement is classified as of Galician interest. The objective of the Foundation is to disseminate sports as a value for life, and this agreement is based on promoting healthy competition, endeavor, companionship, and good life-habits.

In addition, we examined  in particular its Celta Integra Foundation aspect, which relates to sports improvement, social relations, and total integration of young people with functional diversity.

The Bagpipe and Percussion Band Foundation in Pontevedra is a deeply rooted and well-known cultural organization not only in Pontevedra, but throughout Galicia. Formerly responsible for teaching traditional Galician musical instruments, it nowadays promotes the values, respect, and generational transmission of Galician musical traditions.

It is for that very reason, and because it shares the same values as those of the Group's CSR, that we signed a collaboration agreement with this Musical Foundation, to support, above all, the transmission of Galician culture through music, and traditional musical instruments.

One of the main organizationsf contemplated in our CSR is Discamino, an organization that helps people with disabilities to complete the Camino de Santiago. Its founder, the award-winning and tireless Javier Pitillas, gave a lecture at the Health Fair, on the Camino being a challenge of overcoming the environment, where people with disabilities share their experiences.

"Let no one tell you that you cannot". With this statement Javier Pitillas, promoter and head of the association DisCamino, sums up in the most accurate way possible, his organization's motivation, having already made 93 trips to Santiago de Compostela, by which the dreams of almost half a thousand people with disabilities came true; they learned that such a challenge was within their reach despite all the difficulties.

His testimony on the second day of the Health Fair, organized by Asomega at the Casa de Galicia in Madrid, moved everyone, for its simplicity, the clarity of his message ("The Way is a way to enjoy while helping others enjoy, to accompany others in their happines", he said), and the honesty he conveys.

His speech was structured around three videos in which he explained the evolution of DisCamino: the first one is about the origin of the initiative, the second shows realization, with the first route, and the third, its development in recent years.

We renewed our collaboration agreement with the Juan Maria Center, an entity that takes care of girls and boys with disabilities, affecting more than 200 families. We examined their different projects, and we decided to collaborate with their dual training project, training while working. The Center opened a shop, at Nasas shopping mall in Nigran, to train young people with disabilities to become sales assistants. The training lasts for three years, and they obtain a sales assistant certificate. They also learn to manufacture and design clothing from a professional designer.

One more year TERMAVI collaborates with the #Vigo Food Bank, belonging to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL).
We help anyway we can, because their work is as great as their #solidarity.
We invite companies and individuals to include working with Food Banks in their CSR plans, to help protect those most vulnerable, fostering a spirit of solidarity, and fighting against food waste, while reaching many social groups and # NGOs.

Aspanaex is a non-profit organization, Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities in the province of Pontevedra, which this year will be 60 years old and continues to work to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. In this year 2023 we have renewed again the agreement through the subsidiary Termavi to help in the construction of the Aspanaex residence, which is possible that this year can complete its construction to start working as a care center and residence.

One of Grupo Davila CSR activities, is supporting the Coruxo Cycling Club, through an annually revised agreement, which formalizes the collaboration for inclusive sport, gender equality, and teamwork.

Last Friday some members of the Club attended the signing of the agreement, moment captured in these photographs.

As part of the Group's CSR plan, there's the Social aspect, where we take on a social commitment for the benefit of the local community, so we collaborate with the Club Cicilista Coruxo, where sports and gender equality are combined.

The cyclocross event was held in the town of Nigrán, in collaboration with the Zona Franca de Vigo. Bicycle races included categories for children, cadets, Elite Sub 23 and junior, Master and master 40, both female and male.

Duty-free zone deputy, David Regades, and the Mayor of Nigrán, Juan Gonzalez, were present at the awards ceremony.  Jose Manuel Raimúndez, Industrial Division GM, presented the awards from Grupo Davila, accompanied by Pablo González, Communications Director.