Awarding of the Galician Company Award to Grupo Davila

Inade-Galicia Segura Foundation

The Inade Foundation has annual awards, in various categories, and the award for the Galician Company was given to the Davila Group; In the year 2023 being nominated and finally awarded, the award was collected by the President of the Group, Eduardo Davila; The delivery was in the Church of San Domingo de Bonaval in Santiago de Compostela.

Other award winners in their respective categories were: Luis Ferrer Gaya(Ferrer&Ojeda), Rafael Urrutia de Diego(Surne Seguros y Pensiones), Rafael Moreno Ruiz(Instituto de Actuarios Españoles), María José Morillas Jarillo, Olga Sánchez(AXA) and Eduardo Davila(Grupo Davila).

The following people took part in the gala: the Regional Minister of Finance and Public Administration of the Xunta de Galicia, Miguel Corgos, the Councillor of Economy of the City Council of Santiago de Compostela, Marta Abal, the delegate of the rector of the University of Santiago de Compostela for Knowledge Transfer, Luis Otero González, the president of the Jury, Pilar González de Frutos, and the president of the Inade Foundation, José Ramón Santamaría Barreiro.

The President participated in several events, one of them was a dialogue he had with Pilar González de Frutos, president of the Jury, which was broadcast live on several platforms, and which can be viewed here.

Photos of the award ceremony: