Joaquin Davila

Y Cia.


    The Vigo office serves the South of Galicia and extends its area of influence to the North of Portugal and the Castilian Plateau. Our scope of activities covers most of those related to the maritime world, offering our customers a COMPREHENSIVE LOGISTICS SERVICE:

    • VESSEL CONSIGNEE: to all types of vessels, obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate by the BVQI in 2008.
    • REGULAR LINE AGENTS: consigns the vast majority of ships entering the Port of Vigo.
    • STORAGE: Joaquín Davila, y Cía carries out all types of port operations with its own means and has highly specialized personnel with extensive experience in refrigerated cargo, fruit, containers, heavy pieces, ro-ro, etc.
    • WAREHOUSING: Offering dry, refrigerated and refrigerated cargo services with its warehouses.
      Cargo consolidation, etc.
    • CONSIGNMENTS of large yachts