CSR Report

Davila Group

At Grupo Davila, we contribute social value, directly or through any of our companies, by collaborating with social institutions that promote environmental care, education, and socialdevelopment as part of their projects and actions.

We support several projects by collaborating with 10 social institutions that aid in achieving 7 of 17Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations in the framework of the 2030 Agenda.

CSR Report 2021-2022

You can download the CSR Report 2021-2022

CSR Report 2022-2023

You can download the CSR report 2022-2023

Equality plans at Davila Group

The Equality Plan is a set of measures adopted by the company to achieve equal treatment and opportunities between women and men.

Currently, having an Equality Plan is mandatory for companies with more than 50 employees and for those companies required by collective bargaining agreement. In the case of Grupo Davila, the subsidiary of Grupo Altius has it, a plan that will be extrapolated in the future to other companies of the group even though the law does not require it because it is less than 50 employees.