The Plan  CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)  Davila Group starting in 2020 it was structured around three main axes: Environment, Social Good and Education.

In each of these areas, agreements were or will be reached with several social and environmental institutions with which we will be working this year, with the possibility of renewal, provided the objectives we want to achieve as a Group are met in each field.

Regarding education, we are already working with Aspanaex (Association in favor of People with Intellectual Disabilities).  Termavi is the company that channels this action, and it has become an Honorary Partner of Aspanaex, contributing a daily annual amount towards the construction of a new residence that will be completed in March 2021.

we shake awake our social and environmental awareness in the best possible manner by actively participating in our environment, making social and environmental concerns our own by allocating material and human resources towards the three areas mentioned.

At Termavi we are proud of the collaboration agreement reached with Aspanaex since they do important and admirable work. You can learn about their projects in this link.