Award to the most outstanding company in Galicia in Corporate Social Responsibility

Yesterday, March 5, was the day designated for the delivery of this award given by the Circle of Entrepreneurs of Galicia and the CSR forum of the entity; The President of the Group, Eduardo Davila, received it from Elena Espinosa, third deputy mayor of the City Council of Vigo, accompanied by María Borrás, vice-president of the Circle of Entrepreneurs of Galicia. The prize-giving ceremony served as the final touch to the Responsible Business Meeting, promoted by the CSR Forum and inaugurated by the president of the Galician Economic and Social Council, Manuel Pérez.

The minutes of the award ceremony were read by the secretary of the CSR Forum, Modesto Baanante, and by the vice-president of the Circle, María Borrás, who pointed out that "it is a social responsibility to create employment and wealth in our environment, to collaborate to improve the conditions of their groups, as Grupo Davila does, and to have a commitment to the present".

The president reviewed the history of the company, from its pioneering years in the container business in the Port of Vigo, to the present day, with responsibility actions as the pillars of action. "I am especially proud to be recognized for our work with people with disabilities. These associations really deserve this award," he said.

For her part, Elena Espinosa, representing the City Council of Vigo, recalled the years she shared with Davila and highlighted the role of the administration as a "collaborator" in business development, which creates value in its environment through CSR. "Businessmen already do many things, some of which are now obligatory, but you have been doing them for a long time," he said.

The event was attended by colleagues from all the companies of the industrial division, as well as numerous guests and personalities of the Galician business network.