Aerocameras, Joaquin Davila,Marina Davila Sport, Hoegh Autoliners

Drones, apart from being a future system for deliveries and all kinds of other jobs, are already present in our world, and as such it's a technology that can be used in different logistics areas; in this case, we were the protagonists of a trial operation demonstrating that it is possible to deliver documentation or materials up to 5 kilos, without having to stop the ship and at a considerable distance from land, as in this trial, where the ship was over 3 kilometers away.

The operation was carried out between Aerocámaras, a leading company in the drone sector in Spain, Joaquin Davila Y Cía, the consignee of the vessel, Marina Davila Sport, and the shipping company Höegh Autoliners, the vessel being Höegh Yokohama. The operation was carried out in the port of Vigo, the load was 5 kilos, and the execution time was 12 minutes from take-off to arrival at the vessel.

These trials precede projected operational trials with loads of up to 200 kilos. At Davila Agencias we are always at the forefront in the use of technology.