RSC-Agreement with Celta

One more year we renewed the collaboration agreement with the Celta Foundation, to improve the activity of #Integra, which brings together girls and boys with special abilities who participate in the Genuine league, where in addition to practicing sports, they grow in their autonomy and relationship with their environment.

The reality of this is that all these people who have this opportunity is like a new life, now they go to other cities to play the league, trips that for them are the best experience, because before they did not move without their family, their parents, and now they do it with their coach, in a gang, and they grow in their social and personal development, living unique experiences; in addition there is the sporting activity, so necessary, and nothing of what they live would be possible without these actions of the Liga Genuine, of the Fundacion Integra del Celta.

That is why we participate in this action with the same illusion that all these girls and boys have to live these intense life experiences for them.