CLUB CYCLISTA CORUXO is a non-profit sports organization that seeks gender equality in cycling since this sport seemed to be only a male practice over time, but nothing further from reality, here boys and girls practice cycling in the same way; there are no "boys and girls" but athletes. That is why we support the Women in Bike program, sponsored by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation. In addition, 20 percent of the board is made up of women.

Personal improvement is also important, being an activity that involves the acquisition of skills that improve self-esteem, personal satisfaction, and teamwork, since in this sport the group always prevails over the individual, and the inclusion of the person, inclusively focusing activities.

Therefore in the search for social gender equality in sports, Grupo Davila identifies with its activities and supports them, through one of its subsidiary companies, Termavi.

The signing was held at one of the Club's sporting events in a very emblematic hill of the Pontevedra province.